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Spring 2022

The collection is built up, around the feeling of the fresh springtime and optimism.
The collection has laid-back look, but still quite elegant. As a Danish brand we are naturally inspired by minimalist style and design. This is reflected in the collection e.g. in a simple turquois suit, a simple, yet significant trench coat and more. This a more modern contemporary look.
Again, we can’t stop looking towards the 70’s and early 80’s fashion, and we have a thing for the vintage blouse styles, checks and romantic shirts. One of our key looks, is the overalls, put together with a very feminine shirt, and then wear it with a pair of wooden clogs.
The collection has a romantic vibe with it’s flower prints, and the very light blouses, and floaty dresses. It matches the boho feel we always have in our collections.

Yours sincerely

RUE de FEMME Design


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